2023: CFR

We obtained the Certificate of Financial Reliability issued by Rating Agency Prva Bonitetna Agencija d.o.o., Slovenia, which qualifies us as one of only 7,42% of all Slovenian econimic entities. These are entities whose financial situation and business operations are distinctly above-average, they finance their business operations with the respective share of their own capital and have such a structure of assets and liabilities regarding their maturity that the latter assures their liquid current business operations and constitutes proper assurance of their solvent financial situation in the future medium-term period.

2022: New planting of trees

The recipient of 2021 Salco’s environmental donation is Suhadolnik Tomaž from Zabočevo, central Slovenia. His forest was badly damaged by scolytid bark beetles. He planted 750 spruce plants donated by Salco in November 2021. Recipients of Salco’s environmental donation are selected by Slovenia Forest Service.



2021: Our own solid ash table & chair

FINK Salco ALPHA, since 2021
• design: FINK PRODUCT DESIGN, Switzerland; FINK ABOUT DESIGN – We fink forward
• in solid ash bleached / oak / american walnut;
• 1600 – 2400mm;
• patented leg connection, metal reinfocements;
• produced & sold by: Salco d.o.o., Slovenia, EU;


Expanding to the USA

In 2019 we expanded and are now producing furniture also for the USA market.

900 trees planted in 2019

New planting of the trees took place on in Verd, central Slovenia, 9th of April 2019. Slovenia Forest Service selected the recipient of 2019 Salco environmental donation for the maintenance of local forests, Elizabeta Verbič. Her forest was damaged by sleet and bark beetle. 900 donated spruce tree plants were planted in April 2019 (photos: Janko Vidmar).

500 trees planted in 2017

2017 Salco’s environmental donation for the maintenance of forests and reforestation was granted to Mr. Kozjek from village Koreno nad Horjulom in central Slovenia. 500 spruce plants were planted by him and his family in November 2017 in a badly damaged forest area (photos by: Dejan Kozjek).

The recipient of Salco environmental donation is selected by Slovenia forest service.

800 trees planted

2015 Salco’s environmental donation for the maintenance of forests and reforestation was granted to Mr. Mrak from village Studenčice in central Slovenia. 700 spruce plants, 50 cherry tree plants and 50 maple tree plants were planted by him and his family (on the photo) on 14th November 2015 in an area that was bady damaged by last year’s sleet.
Recipient of Salco’s environmental donation is selected annualy by Slovenia forest service.