More trees planted

600 tree plants (200 beech and 400 spruce plants) donated by Salco were planted on November 21st 2014 near the town Logatec in central Slovenia. Area was selected by Slovenia Forest Service to help revitalize the forrest that was badly hurt in winter 2014. Ljubljana, 22.11.2014

novica3 On the photo mrs. Marija planting a spruce plant.

Salco awarded rating A1***

Company Salco d.o.o. was awarded highest possible credit rating A1*** by international rating agency Bisnode in the newest ratings application
source: rating for 2013 – 2014

Very good experiences

“We have very good experiences with Slovenia. We have already learned that countries with even cheaper work force are not always more efficient and more attractive and do not bring more profits.”

novica2 Mr. Christof Droste, CEO Hella Saturnus Slovenia, answers the question, why his company doesn’t move its production to a country with cheaper work force than Slovenia; source: Television Slovenia, “Odmevi”, 21.9.2012

UN: Slovenian suppliers are excellent

“We made millions of dollars worth of business with Slovenia. Coming back to my experience with
Slovenian vendors, it was all positive. All was reliable, all was on-time, good quality, and very competitive
prices. I hope we will be able to restore this cooperation once again.”


Mr. Dmitri Dovgopoly, Director, United Nations Procurement division, speaks about the excellent
experiences UN had when doing business with slovenian suppliers;

Television Slovenia, Programme 1, “Odmevi”, 28.5.2012